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Interstate 10 from Tangerine Road to Ina Road Study

The Arizona Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration are beginning an engineering and environmental study of I-10 between Tangerine and Ina roads. The goal for this study is to develop a long-range plan for providing an improved roadway for general traffic, commuters and truck traffic traveling along this portion of the I-10 corridor. To support that goal, the study will

  • develop and evaluate possible alternatives for widening I-10.
  • develop and evaluate possible alternatives for reconstructing the Cortaro Road and Avra Valley Road interchanges to provide grade-separated crossings with the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR).
  • look at potential improvements to frontage roads in the study area.

The study will include

  • an Alternative Selection Report (ASR) to identify and assess possible alternatives, including the consequences of not making any improvements along this corridor (no-build alternative).
  • a Design Concept Report (DCR) to document the preferred alternative.
  • an Environmental Assessment (EA) to document public and agency outreach and the potential impacts to the social, economic and natural environments.
  • a Corridor Implementation Plan for recommended improvements.
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