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Climbing and Passing Lane Prioritization Study

Project Summary

Passing and climbing lanes provide additional lanes for vehicles to safely pass other vehicles while maintaining speeds. Implementing passing and climbing lane projects provides traffic operational and safety benefits at a cost that is far less than fully widening a highway. In an effort to enhance safety and mobility on Arizona's roadways, the Arizona Department of Transportation is currently updating the 2003 Passing and Climbing Lanes Prioritization Study. This update intends to further refine the identification and prioritization methodology previously utilized and to develop a prioritized list of candidate locations that would provide the most benefit to the traveling public.

Study Objectives
  • Review previous studies and research current best practices.
  • Analyze the safety and performance benefits of passing/climbing lanes constructed since the previous study.
  • Develop a revised methodology and ranking criteria.
  • Obtain feedback from ADOT District Engineers and other stakeholders, such as rural COGs and MPOs.
  • Develop a new prioritized list of candidate passing/climbing lane projects. 
Scope of Work
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
Meeting: June 6, 2013
Meeting: Sept. 19, 2013
Final Report
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