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Vehicle for Hire Licensing

The Vehicle for Hire program regulates the operations of taxi, livery, limousine, and transportation network companies also known as rideshare.

Our website consists of information and documents to help you comply with Arizona Revised Statutes, including: 

Recent Licensing Changes

Arizona Department of Transportation is now responsible for Vehicle For Hire licensing for taxis, livery services, and limousines, and permitting for Transportation Network Companies (TNC). Each have distinct requirements. This overview of Senate Bill 1492, House Bill 2480 and House Bill 2135 will outline current and upcoming changes.

Taxi, Livery and Limousines

Required documents, detailed instructions and vehicle compliance requirements for taxi, livery services and limousine licensing are described on this site.

Transportation Network Companies (TNC)

Requirements, forms and detailed instructions for TNC permits are described on this site.

File a Complaint
Form to report issues with Vehicles for Hire.  

Please Note: New businesses are required to submit the Vehicle for Hire/TNC application in order for the Department to set up the Vehicle for Hire account. Once we receive your completed application, reviewed, and processed the information, you will be notified on how to log onto your ServiceArizona account through the secure business portal.

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