Engineering and Construction

Highway Interchange

The Traffic Group sets policy and procedure for traffic engineering statewide; facilitates contact between the Traffic Group and its customers; administers consultant contracts for engineering tasks; is responsible for the acquisition, development and retention of staff and optimization of resources; and updates various traffic engineering resources.

Bridge over lake

The Bridge Group is responsible for the effective use of modern technology and resources for furnishing bridge design, bridge construction assistance and bridge management necessary to provide and maintain safe and functional bridges and drainage facilities on Arizona highways.

Construction materials at site
Construction and Materials

The Construction and Materials Group monitors and implements statewide construction policies and procedures that continually improve project cost, effectiveness and quality.

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Roadway Engineering

The Roadway Engineering group provides quality design and technical support documents to our customers in a timely manner for implementation of ADOT's Five-Year Construction Program and improves the movement of people and products throughout Arizona.

Woman working on computer

The CADD Management and Support section provides technical support for ADOT's CADD system.

High Voltage Electrical Pole at sunset
Utility and Railroad Engineering

The Utility and Railroad Engineering section is responsible for utility/railroad coordination (statewide); utility/railroad coordination (regional freeway program); federal railroad/highway crossing improvement program administration; utility company invoicing/accounting; and administrative/technical support.

Overhead sign on freeway
Systems Technology

The Systems Technology section deals in implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS are the application of computers, electronics, control systems, communications technologies and management strategies to transportation systems in an integrated manner, providing travel information to increase the safety and efficiency of the surface transportation systems.

ADOT Surveyor
Engineering Survey

The Engineering Survey section provides aerial photography, engineering surveys and topographic maps to assist designers in the selection and design of projects in ADOT programs.

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