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The Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO) is responsible for carrying out programs and services that help to provide access and equal opportunities for women, minority-owned and small business to participate on federally-funded ADOT and local public agencies transportation contracts. BECO also helps to ensure equal employment opportunities in federally-funded transportation contracting and provides on-the-job training for women and minorities in the construction trade.  

BECO is part of ADOT’s Employee and Business Development group, which also provides training and development opportunities for ADOT employees. To learn more about BECO programs and services, visit our program area pages on the left menu.

Our True North, Mission, Vision and Values

Our True North

BECO aims to make transportation personal by being responsive and by partnering with others to go above and beyond what’s necessary to surpass customer expectations. 

Our Mission

BECO is One Team, with One Vision!. We continually make bold moves to remain the national model and pacesetter for DBE, small business and construction training programs.

Our Vision

Educating, developing and connecting DBEs, small businesses, contractors and individuals to build Arizona.

Our Values


Our Goals

  1. Develop and promote programs to increase voluntary Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and small business participation on all contracts to exceed agency goals.
  2. Develop and implement innovative training programs to increase employment opportunities for women, minorities, veterans and disadvantaged individuals to increase and diversify Arizona’s transportation workforce.
  3. Implement innovative solutions, partnerships, programs and process improvements to reduce administrative burden, save money and maximize program effectiveness.
  4. Provide education, training and outreach that will result in full DBE, On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance, for every firm, everywhere, on every contract. 

Program Areas


The Operations Team provides overall strategic planning and management of the unit to ensure program effectiveness and compliance with all applicable federal requirements. Operational management areas include, human resources, staff training, budget, facilities and project development.

Small Business and Workforce Development

DBE Certification

The certification team coordinates the Arizona Unified Certification Program (AZ UCP) that includes ADOT, and the Cities of Phoenix and Tucson.  These three agencies are responsible for the certification of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) firms, primarily made up of women and minority-owned firms, in the state of Arizona.

Currently, there are more than 1,100 firms certified in the state. The DBE Certification team also conducts annual reviews to renew DBE certifications and processes DBE certification applications for out of state DBE firms to do business in Arizona.  The team also conducts outreach and recruitment to help increase the number of certified DBEs to work on transportation projects.

DBE Supportive Services

The DBE Supportive Services program provides business support services for DBEs and small businesses.  Programs include New DBE Orientation program, Business Development Program, “Lunch and Learn” series of workshops, and Annual Conference and Expo events to educate and provide networking opportunities for small businesses to meet and build relationships with larger construction and engineering companies. 

This team also coordinates one-on-one business and technical assistance and bi-monthly task force meetings with DBEs, small businesses, contractors and ADOT staff to identify and address barriers to entry and other education programs that will help small businesses successfully win and work on ADOT and local agency transportation projects.

OJT Supportive Services and Workforce Development

This program works with Community Colleges, Native American Tribes and other agencies to implement Construction Academy programs to introduce and train women, minorities, veterans and economically disadvantaged individuals to work in highway construction jobs.  The team provides services such as resume writing, transportation, childcare and personal protective equipment, like hard hats and tool belts, to help individual’s to gain employment entry into the highway transportation industry.

The program also helps to fund and implements a National Summer Transportation Institute summer residential program for high school juniors and seniors through at Arizona State University, Gateway and Pima Community Colleges to help introduce students to careers in the transportation industry.


DBE Compliance

The DBE compliance team monitors contract activities to help ensure ADOT and local public agencies meet federal DBE contract requirement. For example, they set DBE goals on contracts, review contractor’s efforts to meet DBE goals, and helps to ensure that DBEs, small businesses and all subcontracts are paid in a timely manner for their services.

On the Job (OJT) Compliance

Construction contractors are required to recruit, employ and train women, minorities, veterans and economically disadvantaged individuals on certain federally-funded highway construction projects to help these individuals reach journey-level status in a variety of highway construction crafts. The OJT Compliance team works with the construction industry to develop and monitor participation in these programs. 

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

The EEO Team conducts evaluations and onsite reviews of construction contractors working on federal-aid contracts. Specifically, they help ensure that construction contractors provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants and do not discriminate in the selection, hiring and treatment of its workforce that are employed to work on federally-funded contracts.

Technology and Federal Reporting

The Technology and Federal Reporting team develops and manages websites, and data systems to report BECO program results to ADOT and the United Stated Department of Transportation. These include, Business Coach on DemandAZ UTRACS, the ADOT and LPA DBE Systems, and Slido. They coordinate with many other ADOT departments and local public agencies to collect required information. They do this by preparing reports that are submitted monthly, semi-annually and annually to the federal highway, transit and aviation departments.

Business Coach on Demand

ADOT is committed to helping businesses — especially small and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) — enhance their opportunities to participate in ADOT contracts. This website is dedicated to providing accessible guidance about how to work with ADOT, from beginning to end.  If you can’t find what you need in the website, or want a little help, just ask a question.

ADOT Business Coach On Demand: You’ve got questions — we’ve got answers!


Announcements and Updates

Disparity Study

ADOT will be conducting a new Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Disparity Study to help set new overall goals for DBE participation in ADOT's federally-funded contracts.

For more information on this process and to provide insights, please visit or send an email to

Press Release

Disparity Study Timeline


Contract Compliance

DBE Affidavit Resources

DBE Supportive Services

Just One More Campaign

BECO encourages contractors to use Just One More DBE beyond the contract goal. Watch our video to learn why!

Small Business Resource Center

Finally one place you can go to get one-on-one and small group help for your various business challenges! The Center will also offer in-depth workshops to help you deploy new ideas and tools in your company. You will be able to meet, seek help and get answers to your specific questions from experts.

The ADOT Small Business Resource Center is open to all small businesses seeking or performing work on ADOT projects. The Center will feature:

Experts from ADOT’s Business Engagement and Compliance Office to help you with your questions on:

  • Certification
  • Contract Compliance
  • DBE Supportive Services
  • Local Public Agencies
  • On the Job Training Supportive Services
  • Technology (AZUTRACS)
Experts from Other ADOT Departments:
  • Audit and Analysis
  • Contracts and Specifications
  • Engineering Consultants Section
  • Multi-modal Planning Division
  • Procurement

Subject Matter Experts to help you with your questions on:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Business planning
  • Sales

Friday Forum Focused Workshop Series

  • Contract Compliance
  • Digital Marketing
  • QuickBooks
  • Sales Organization and Management
  • Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas
  • And More

Community Partners

  • Coming soon

All appointments held at the ADOT Small Business Resource Center located at 1801 W Jefferson St. Phoenix, AZ 85007. Companies located outside of Maricopa County may request their appointment be held online. 

Make your appointment today!


Lunch and Learns
ADOT DBE Supportive Services continues with the Lunch and Learn series. Visit the Events page to Register!

Lunch and Learn

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