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The Inside Lane is published monthly for the employees of the Arizona Department of Transportation by the Internal Communications group of the ADOT Communications Division.

Photo of The Inside Lane July 2019 Cover
July 2019
Reminisce about ADOT’s beginnings 45 years ago.Learn how to stay safe during dust storms. Read about ADOT employees’ favorite memories. Meet the Safety Message Contest winners.

Photo of the June 2019 Inside  Lane cover
June 2019
Meet babies who come to work with their parents at ADOT.Read how the Mobile MVD serves customers.Take a look back with ADOT's first female engineer. Learn how a new tool makes shoulder repair faster and safe.Discover how a small change results in big water savings.

Photo of The Inside Lane May 2019 cover
May 2019
See how ADOT firefighters train for aircraft fires. Meet Rusty Crerand, who troubleshoots public inquiries. Learn about the new #ADOTLeads training program. Read how ADOT rest areas are conserving water.

Photo of cover of The Inside Lane April 2019 cover
April 2019
See how ADOT weathered a historic storm. Discover how to make work zones safe. Learn how crews improved Douglas Maintenance work area.

March 2019
Learn how I-10/Ina Road improvements provide big benefits. Discover how MVD makes it easier to access services. Read about ADOT leading Arizona’s fleet consolidation. Meet Customer Service Award winner Quinn Farol.

February 2019
Read about first-in-nation wrong-way driver detection. Discover how ADOT employees helped homeless veterans.Travel back to 1931 when license plates were made from Arizona copper. Learn about new employee learning system. Meet Safety Award winner Det. Earl Fisher.

Cover of The Inside Lane newsletter January 2019
January 2019
Read about ADOT employees' heroics. Meet new K-9s Dona, Hank and Pueblo. Discover how a backlog was reduced by 95%. Know why TSMO won two national awards.Learn driving safety tips from children.

Image of December 2018 Inside Lane newsletter cover
December 2018
Read about South Mountain Freeway construction. Find out about the new Public Safety Fee. Meet Employee of the Year Tyler Hartung. Learn about the new Google mail and calendar. Discover how updates to AZ511 make travel easier.

Inside Lane November 2018 cover
November 2018
Learn how teamwork is key to successful US 89 emergency repair. Read about Sunset Point Rest Area’s memorial to fallen employees. See photos of ADOT employees in purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Meet the Team of the Year, Payson Maintenance Unit. Discover how rail ties are preventing parking lot incidents.

Image of newsletter cover
October 2018
Learn how Safety Stand Down Day training prepares employees for hazards. Discover how the I-40 Devil Dog project moves at lightning speed. Meet the 2018 Leader of the Year Nina Makarenko. See how ADOT’s Procurement Resource Center team’s changes get big results.

photo of newsletter cover
September 2018
Find out everything that went down at ADOT’s recent leadership conference. Get details on the newest installment of Direct Connect. See how TIM training prepares employees for emergencies. Learn about a BIG effort undertaken by ADOT’s Interstate Signing crew. Go back to the 1980s — a time when ADOT was just starting to use computers.

image of newsletter cover
August 2018
Meet Hugo and Santos, two dogs who now work for ADOT. Learn how ADOT employees collect data for the annual Crash Facts report. Take a peek at Roadside Development’s process as they design landscape architectural details. See how some simple lighting changes added up to big savings. Take a trip back to the Highway Hawk’s heyday!

photo of newsletter cover
July 2018
Read a message from the director focused on agency accomplishments. Learn about what happened during the recent legislative session. See photos from the Green Shop Award presentation in Yuma. Check out the before-and-after photos from a 5S project in Needle Mountain. Travel back to 1977 and read how pavement friction testing was conducted back then.

Image of newsletter cover
June 2018
Read about a new agreement that’s making projects easier. Find out why ADOT maintenance crews ended up behind the walls of Perryville Prison. Learn about the role ADOT plays in a national winter maintenance research group. Check out photos of the “old MVD building” back in the 1930s.

Image of newsletter cover
May 2018
Read how ECD officers in Douglas responded to a HAZMAT situation. Get details on a major landscape project involving crews from across the Central District. See some seriously impressive before-and-after photos from a recent 5S project. Find out who is taking home the Green Shop Award this year. Learn how ADOT impressed a classroom of kindergartners.

Photo of the newsletter cover
April 2018

Find out what happened as a result of last year’s survey results. Click the links on two new videos! One features a sit-down chat with the director, and the other talks to coworkers from around the state. You’ll want to hear what they’re saying! Learn what improvements employees were making back when most ADOT-ers didn’t even know how to pronounce the word “kaizen."

image of Inside Lane cover
March 2018
Get a project update on SR 88, learn about a new partnership that’s bringing efficiency and cost savings, find out what’s new with the Grand Canyon State Logo Signs program and go way back to 1956 when ADOT hired its very first woman engineer.

image showing newsletter cover
February 2018
In this issue, read about the ADOT team that keeps our freeways looking pretty, see how the 5S method has transformed the Holbrook maintenance yard, learn about the employees working to install high-definition traffic cameras around the Valley and go back to the 1970s and see what MVD employees were wearing to work each day.

Newsletter cover image
January 2018
In this holiday edition, read Director Halikowski’s letter to Santa, check out photos from the safety calendar award ceremony, get an update on the Adopt an Angel program and take a look back at the Grand Canyon Airport’s past.

December 2017
This issue is filled with all the news you need to know, including an overview of an upcoming safety campaign and a quick update on some important PDCA projects. Find an article focused on what to know when driving a state vehicle and take a look at photos of the ServiceArizona website back when the World Wide Web was young.

newsletter cover image
October/November 2017
Find answers regarding open enrollment. Learn about a new process that makes accessing record drawings much easier. See lots of photos from Safety Stand Down Day. See even more photos of ADOT employees wearing purple in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Discover how ADOT mapped out the state’s highway system in the 1970s.

Image of Inside Lane September 2017 cover
September 2017

Take a look at some recent MVD accomplishments and find out what’s in store for the future. Learn how a simple step has increased the number registered organ donors. Read about a new study under way focused on women in ADOT’s workforce. Find out ADOT’s connection to Sonny and Cher!

Inside Lane August 2017
August 2017

See what went on during this year’s Leaders Conference. Find out what TSMO has been up to lately. Get the scoop on the newest episode of Direct Connect. Learn about improvements at the Douglas Port of Entry that are making a big impact. Read about the agency’s Public Involvement Plan and find out why it matters to you.

July 2017
Learn about ADOT’s new mission, vision and True North statements. Find out how the agency is looking to cut office supply expenses with an online auction site described by one employee as an “ADOT Craigslist.” See which team has helped ADOT to recoup more than $5 million. Travel back to 1971 when, apparently, most motorists didn’t wear seat belts. Get details on an innovative bridge project.

June 2017
Get an up-close look at how ADOT employees develop the agency’s five-year program. Find out what it takes to design and construct the work spaces we all use every day — from cubicles and conference rooms to MVD offices around the state. Play our new ADOT license plate bingo game on your next road trip! Learn about new versatile equipment being added to ADOT’s HAMP (and find out what the HAMP is all about).

May 2017
Take a behind-the-scenes look at Arizona Highways and learn how the magazine is still going strong after 90-plus years. See what ASU students came up with when they worked with ADOT to create a new type of cattle guard. Discover how the Yuma Port of Entry is making it easier for customers to buy permits online. Travel back to the 1980s when part of the “Stack” was first opened to traffic.

April Inside Lane Cover
April 2017

Read about a deep-dive effort that’s reducing wait times at the border. Discover how telematics data is helping Equipment Services make decisions. Learn about ADOT’s Civil Rights Office. Travel back in time to 1958, when roads cost a whole lot less to build than they do today.

March 2017

Find out where the agency is headed on its Continuous Improvement journey. Read how ECD officers seized 156 pounds of marijuana during back-to-back busts last month. Discover another side of ADOT’s Mentoring Program. Blast back to 1987 and get the scoop on the state’s big speed limit shift.

Cover for February issue
February 2017

Learn about the agency’s Code of Conduct directly from ADOT employees. Read about a major effort recently undertaken by ADOT’s Office of the Inspector General. See how MVD works each year to assist homeless and at-risk veterans. Get the latest on the improvements planned for SR 189.

January 2017

Find out how the agency prepares for the legislative session. Read how the actions taken by two ADOT snowplow operators helped saved the day. Meet Bonnie Hartley, an ADOT employee who just celebrated 50 years of state service! Take a far-back look to the far-out year of 1974 when ADOT became ADOT.

The Inside Lane - December
December 2016

In this issue read a message from Director Halikowski and learn about the challenge he issued to division leaders. See the surprising way ADOT employees celebrated the holidays in the 60s and 70s. Find out how much you really know about Route 66. Get inspired by the 2017 ADOT Safety calendar and the young artists who contributed.

November 2016

This issue has a message from ADOT’s Chief Financial Officer Kristine Ward, you’ll find out how many bills ADOT pays each month (hint: it’s more than you think), and get details on a major project milestone that just happened in Surprise.

October 2016

In this issue read a message from Assistant Director for Infrastructure Delivery and Operations Steve Boschen, learn how a team effort helped slash 100 days off the on-call task order execution process, get an update on the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway project, and find out what was happening at ADOT back in 1983.

September 2016

In this issue, read a message from ADOT Deputy Director for Operations Scott Omer, get the lowdown on ADOT's newest video series and a link to watch the first episode that puts Director Halikowski on the job with ADOT sign crews, learn how the Adopt a Highway volunteer program keeps our roads clean and saves the agency money, and travel back to the 1970s and take a look at a few photos from ADOT’s past.

The Inside Lane August2016_cover
August 2016

In this issue, read a message from ASD Director Sonya Herrera, find out why the team in Tucson’s Equipment Service Shop is making changes, learn what participants are saying about the recent Leaders Connection Conference and see historic photographs from ADOT’s past.

The Inside Lane-thumbnail
July 2016

In this issue, read a message from Director John Halikowski, learn about ADOT's Continuous Improvement effort, get to know an ADOT intern, who just graduated with honors, find details on a new ADOT safety campaign starring an NFL player, and see some throwback photos from ADOT's past.

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