Historic Roads

List of Historic Roads

Flagstaff District

State Route 64
Williams to Grand Canyon to Cameron Highway

Roadway: State Route 64
Length: 110 miles
Begins: East of Williams (MP 185.51)
Ends: South of Cameron (MP 295.83)

State Route 67
Jacob Lake to Grand Canyon Highway

Roadway: State Route 67
Length: 31 miles
Begins: Jacob Lake (MP 579.36)
Ends: Grand Canyon NP North Rim (MP 610.26)

State Route 89A
State Route 89A - Prescott to Flagstaff Highway

Roadway: State Route 89A
Length: 81 miles
Begins: At the Junction of State Route 89 and 89A near Prescott (MP 317.85)
Ends: At the Junction of Interstate 17 and 89A near Flagstaff (MP 398.94)

U.S. Route 89
Flagstaff to Cameron and Cameron to Bitter Springs Highway

Roadway: U.S. Route 89
Length: 106 miles
Begins: Junction US 66 (MP 418.37)
Ends: Bitter Springs (MP 524.07)

U.S. Route 89A
Bitter Springs to Fredonia Highway

Roadway: U.S. Route 89A
Length: 87 miles
Begins: Bitter Springs (MP 524.07)
Ends: Fredonia (MP 613.03)

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