Boards and Committees

State Transportation Board

In addition to advising the ADOT director, the board is responsible for establishing a complete system of state highway routes and has the final authority on establishing, opening, relocating, altering, vacating or abandoning any portion of a state route or state highway.

Priority Planning Advisory Committee

The PPAC is a statutory public body appointed by the ADOT director and is responsible for updating and preparing the five-year transportation facilities construction program.

Arizona Overdimensional Permit Council

The Overdimensional Permit Council is a statutory public body consisting of nine members who are appointed by the governor of Arizona and subject to ARS Title 38 Open Meeting Laws of Arizona. The council advises and assists ADOT in developing rules and matters relating to overdimensional truck permits.

Arizona Self-Driving Vehicle Oversight Committee

The Self-Driving Vehicle Oversight Committee supports the state in the research and development of new “self-driving technology” that will allow vehicles to drive without direct or active human operation. The committee will advise the Department of Transportation, the Department of Public Safety, universities and other public agencies on how best to advance the testing operation of self-driving vehicles on public roads.

Parkways, Historic and Scenic Roads Advisory Committee

The Parkways, Historic and Scenic Roads Advisory Committee reviews and considers requests for sections of roads to be designation as a Historic, Parkway or Scenic.

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