Grand Canyon Airport 

Airport Approach: Introduction to Advance Information Video

Ever wish you had a visual reference before flying into an unfamiliar airport?

Always on the cutting edge of technology, the Aeronautics Division of ADOT is testing an advance information video which will allow pilots the opportunity to view real-time video of approaches to both ends of the runway at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport in northern Arizona.

You can now get a preflight visual of your destination approach recorded from the cockpit of an aircraft. View surrounding terrain and structures as it really appears from approach to touchdown. Flight coordinates aid you in your preflight visualization of the landing. Future flights will include on-screen instrumentation along with tower-to-aircraft communications. Select a flight approach icon and see a preview of what your approach might look like at the Grand Canyon Airport.

Grand Canyon Airport:
 Approach 03

Grand Canyon Airport Approach 3
View approach

Grand Canyon Airport:
 Approach 21

Grand Canyon Airport Approach 21
View approach

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